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Project Clearwater — Expedition Four [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Four [upcoming]

So, we have come at last to #11, the first of the big three.  The plan is to launch from the park at 8am for the paddle downstream (left) to the blockage.  We’ll return when we’re running out of day to work with (or in the unlikely event we actually finish early).  It’s a two-mile paddle each way, and there’s a lot of lumber at the end.

Anyone wanting to lend a hand can either ride along with us for the full experience or just show up and leave whenever seems reasonable.  The red Kia with the canoe trailer will be there to verify we’re on the bayou.  If anyone wants to just pick litter, that’s always welcome.  Feel free to drop any full bags off on any convenient tree, mud flat, or whatever, and we’ll grab them in the canoes as we head back to the park.

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  1. Rita Theriot permalink
    2013-12-28 10:29pm

    How was today? I just found this site late last night and it was too late to make plans to join. I would love to come help next trip and could probably recruit a few more

  2. 2013-12-28 11:58pm

    It was actually a pretty nice day for working in/on the bayou. The off and on light drizzle was refreshing. I’ll have something typed up in the morning, whenever that comes, but the one-liner version is we worked all day on #11 and made it halfway through (hopefully the harder half). Should get through this one next Saturday (tentatively).

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