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Project Clearwater — Expedition Three (or 2.5) [upcoming]


Project Clearwater

Expedition Three (or 2.5)

After last weekend’s cleanup/clearing expedition, we need to pick up the Anaconda (and some additional litter). We’d also like to try to clear through the next smaller blockages to make way for a major assault on Blockage #11, the next *major* blockage. The weather looks iffy, and if thunderstorms start threatening, the day will be cut short. This being Louisiana, we figure we may end up with a window long enough to be able at least to get the Anaconda off of Mr. Rackley’s land where we had to stage it last week due to lack of space, and there’s no telling what the weather will actually do.

We’ll post our personal green light on the PaddleBR twitter account in the morning, assuming the thunderstorms haven’t started up, but if the weather looks worse to you, by all means enjoy a good book and a relaxing indoor Saturday and join in next time. It’s a day for flexibility, as it’s not good for anybody to be paddling or working in water or by trees during thunderstorms, so it stands a good chance of being aborted early.

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  1. Jenn permalink
    2013-12-20 7:03pm

    I’ll be there tomorrow, assuming the weather remains decent. I had a few free hours on Wednesday, so I went back out there. The Anaconda is now rolled up and ready to be hauled out. I also left some litter bags for the canoemaran since I was just in a kayak. It’s wedged behind the fallen tree trunk at #7.

    The fallen tree right downstream had collected the majority of what we freed last weekend. It’s mostly logs and such, but with a bit of litter mixed in. Unless it all flowed through by now, I suspect that will take at least a couple hours to clear.

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