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Cleanup On Fountain (upcoming)


Project Clearwater — Cleanup On Fountain

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Launching: Bayou Fountain at Highland Road Park, 8am.

Recovering: Bayou Fountain at Highland Road Park, when the work is done.


Project Clearwater’s primary mission on Bayou Fountain pauses Saturday, December 16th, to make time for a cleanup. With the first six blockages open enough to get the Canoemaran through, it’s time to hit the large litter raft at #7.

We’ll be there to launch at 8am with the Canoemaran and our gear.  (You’ll know we’re there if my little red car with a canoe trailer is sitting there, and if you don’t see the boats, we’re no more than 3/4 mile downstream/to the left when you hit the water.)  While the Canoemaran’s awesome carrying power is such that we will gladly accept any donations of litter collected while we’re out there, litter transport is all that is provided.  The entry and exit is difficult but not treacherous, but at the very least you will get dirty.  (Last trip out I came back with a bivalve *inside* my boot.)

We do know lots of friendly people with boats, so if you want to come pick litter, the lack of your own boat should not stop you.  On the other hand, if you don’t like getting dirty doing work in a primitive, uncontrolled environment, you may want to watch for the kinder, gentler excursions. :)

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